In our selection you will find spinner, balancer,rubber bands, bladecovers, laces, anclebads  and much more.

Plastic skate guards

Guards for walking on the floor. Skate guadrs will proteckt your blades.

Blade covers

Protect your blades with fabrick bladecover after skating and keeping skates in the bag.

Bags, Skate sacks and garment bags

Bag, trolleys, bags with wheels, bagbag, carment bag and so on.


Built up your Zuca family with different Zuca parts, frame, inset, luchbox and flashing wheels.

Headwear, Gloves and Socks

You will find a lot of differnt headbandmodelss with differen colors, sizes and patterns. You can use hadbands under the helmet, over the protecktion headband and as individual.

We have a lot of different gloves for training and for the competition.