Bags, Skate sacks and garment bags

Bags, trolleys, bags with wheels, backpacks, garment bag and so on.

Cheaper bags are more suitable for skating school skaters and beginners.

In backpacks you have more space for additional equipment as well.

Bags with wheels are for more clothes and accessories and are suitable for competitions.

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Fleece skate sacks

15.00 *

Black skate bag

29.00 *

New Turqoise-Pink Libra skate bag

The thick weave polyester makes the bag strong, durable and stylish.
We’ve added mesh fabric inserts at the sides for inner ventilation to help keep boots fresher when being carried.
The rigid inner base is resistant and protect your skates. In the lower external pocket, there’s a hood to protect your bag during rainy days!
A larger internal pocket means extra storage space for those vital extra bits and there’s a small pocket with zip for storing small items such as spare laces, socks, Edea Lace straps, or a lace puller and a USB cable connected to the external USB port on the back.
A frontal external pocket is suitable to keep your water bottle (not included).
We’ve added a drainage point at the base of the bag to help keep boots fresh with 4 studs on the base of the bag to keep it off the ground and help drainage.
Every bag has padded and vented back protections and padded adjustable straps for more comfort.

79.00 *

New With Me Bag - Gold

49.00 *

With Me Bag - Pink

49.00 *

With Me Bag - Blue

49.00 *
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