Edea - Overture boot with Mirage blade

Edea - Overture boot with Mirage blade

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Edea Overture skates are intended for those who already know how to skate and those who begin to compete. With the help of these skates you can learn and / or improve the skills of single jumps and axels.

Installed blades: JACKSON ULTIMA - MIRAGE, specially designed for the study and execution of jumps and axels.


Boot sizes start at 195.


It is advisable to try on skates before buying.

It is also possible to order these skates in black by sending us an Email to: info@goldenskate.fi

The blades have to be sharpened before use!
If you want to receive ‘ready to use’
ice skates, you have to additionally order a blade sharpening service.

Please remember to dry the blade after each use and protect it while in storage.



When you buy Edea Skates from the Golden Skate Brick and mortar store you will get an Edea passport, which you can get only from companies authorized by Edea.
The passport verifies that the purchase is authorized and in the event of a reclamation, the
responsibility is transferred to the retailer and to the factory.




Product Note Status Price
Sharpening Sharpening
15.00 € *
Boot molding Boot molding
10.00 € *
Taping service for skates Taping service for skates
20.00 € *
Lacing Service for the skates Lacing Service for the skates
10.00 € *
Painting service for the skates Painting service for the skates
30.00 € *
Prices including VAT.
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