John Wilson - Coronation Comet

John Wilson - Coronation Comet

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The John Wilson Coronation Comet blade is made for single skaters, who are learning jumps.

The Coronation Comet offers advanced technology for improved toe grip, greater control, precision take-offs, extra stability and reduced risk of injury.

If you want to get a ready-to-use blades, please choose additionally the blade sharpening service.

These blades can be fitted to your pre-owned boots or to any other boot that we have in our stock. All the additional services and products are available in Golden Skate shop.

Please remember: you have to dry the blades after every use and protect it with a blade cover.

If you need a specific size that is not available in the shop, it is possible to order. Please contact us at: .


Product Note Status Price
Sharpening for solo skates Sharpening for solo skates
15.00 € *
Attaching new blades to the new boots Attaching new blades to the new boots
30.00 € *
Attaching blades to old shoes Attaching blades to old shoes
39.00 € *
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